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Blesinfinite has been an integral part, and pioneer of the New Mexico hip hop scene for more than 15 years. From that platform he has launched many successful collaborations including the 2bers, and other hip hop and reggae acts.

Heavily influenced by a background in poetry and English literature, Bles has adopted a narrative style that is delivered methodically, with nuances of imaginative images.

As a producer, Blesinfinite composes original beats that create a back drop of fluidity behind his conveyance of low soulful tones that have been compared to the vocal styles of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan.

Currently Bles is preparing his release of an innovative visual album that combines original movie material with original music called “Finding Eden”. For two decades Blesinfinite has produced and engineered ten albums that he is currently publishing for listening pleasure and licensing purposes.

Blesinfinite has made himself accessible as an artist and a producer and has made many of his instrumental productions available for free downloads.

His work extends to partnering with heavy weight hip hop artists on the west coast to solo acoustic singer songwriters. He has traveled extensively around the globe from his home base, Albuquerque, New Mexico to Amsterdam, sharing his unique musical style.

He continues to forge ahead on new productions that envelop his incomparable variety, and to tour sharing his unparalleled hip hop music vision.