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For the past 15 plus years, BlesInfinite has been the backbone for international soulful hip hop duo, "The 2bers", as well as the spearheading force behind several other successful hip-hop and Reggae projects. Since 1999, Bles has been writing, producing, recording and performing, and is considered to be one of the pioneers of the New Mexico hip-hop scene. After a two-year hiatus from touring the globe, Bles Is planning a strong resurgence on the international circuit, with his innovative and groundbreaking hip-hop movie & album, "Finding Eden".


Heavily influenced by a background in poetry, Blesinfinite has a highly narrative style. He delivers detailed stories, layered in imagery and meter, with a word choice that is intricate and universal, as well as, educated and street savvy. With his smooth and methodical delivery, accompanied by the low, soulful tones of his baritone voice, Bles has been called the rap equivalent to Tom Waits or Bob Dylan.


Being an emcee is only a portion of his hip-hop savvy. Bles has also been producing and engineering original beats for almost two decades. Although his production style is rooted in the garden of wax digging and sampling, it has flourished into the perfect balance of boom bap and live instrumentation. Bles has produced and engineered 10 plus albums, has guest produced for several West Coast hip hop heavy weights, and is currently in the process of publishing volumes of instrumentals for both listening pleasure and licensing purposes. From Amsterdam to Albuquerque, Blesinfinite is sure to make a rejuvenating splash in this digital ocean.