Before The Dawn

If I die tonight

Bury my lead-stained pages beneath the ashes of angels

Sing songs of peace as you dance beneath the orange moon

Embrace a moment of silence and worship the fragrance  of your lover


Tomorrow never existed


Dreams are far beyond wishes

We are divinity

When we open our eyes and no longer see color, religion, or class

We are blind 

When we hang like slaves...

Dangling from diamond and gold chains

Suffocating our feeble necks


Desires are only flesh

As if a God knows what's next?

December 21st, 2012

The calendar ends…

As we begin our transformation


Our only means of survival:

Community, humble over-standing, and patience


My angelic children our my saviors


We can travel to the moon and back

But have forgotten how to cross the street 

To greet our neighbors


-Bles 12:30 A.M. 1-4-12