Game Over

Four million fat fingers fumbling for that final chicken wing

Offensive pile upon pork and paprika

Intercepting the interjection of salt and saccharin

Digestive system got a crap-load of tackling

Add the Aspirin in

Wash it down with another glass of gin

A six-pack and then



Confetti covered pop-stars

Prancing, as the layman watch

“This is America, you towel-heads, and we got a fucking game to watch”


Praise the clock

“If we’re lucky, we’ll catch another titty-shot”

If not, wait for the advertisement with the biggest slot


Return to the glorified gladiators

Slapping asses, while stacking assets

It’s all steroids and spandex

Triumph and a trophy for the man who stand the strongest guard

Avarice and apathy paint the markings of the longest yard


Victory dance

This game is bigger than breast implants

Bigger than cathedrals, built for Jesus

On Monday, you can drive it all away with the engine in your Prius


Miss America

Damn, that stupid hoe is crazy!

I wonder if they like to watch the Super-Bowl in Haiti?