October Sun


Orange October sun

Rays run, gliding above the Aceqia Madre

Making mud chocolate

Lost leaves taking up autumn

Golden Children walking

Ebony and ivory fingers clasped

Lips laughing often

Eyes glimmer like waters silk skin


Rusted corn shed their coarse stalks

Geese chase light drops

We pluck dandelions

Make a wish with each breath

Scatter petals, until just a weed left

Another one picked

To return before my mother was sick

Was my subtle one wish


How close she would have held my toddler

Together gathered pebbles to toss in the water

Together we walk and we wander

Blessed to be father

Fresh wind and water

Sing songs somber

God lives in the breath of these daughters

A tear chokes my lungs

Leaves the duct an runs

Dried by an orange October sun.