South Valley Summer

outh Valley summer/filling gas beside a hummer

From the blood that came from soldiers/sun and sewage is the odor

Beggar walking over/probably a stoner

Probably never read a line of Socrates or Homer

Slurring, far from sober/wrinkled skin with faded tattoos

Asking for a buck for drinking gin and eating fast-food

Drop a bit of coin, wade the sea of gaunt expressions

Stepping on the curb where the junkies got connected

The somber air is smoggy, but still the sun is golden

Starring at the hungry children/teenage queen with tummy swollen

Again I give a quarter/ to a face that’s looking tortured

Stroll into the station, pass some cash, and place an order

Another pack of grits and a cold, bottled beer

Wondering how many souls will die here in a year

Jump inside the ride, cross the sinking Rio Grande

Wiping sweat beneath my eyes, the ending to a long day

The sun is falling lower with every passing second

Mountains painted pink, every breath has been a blessing

Out the ghetto section, to my middle-class abode

Wonder what I’ll meet tomorrow, on this ever-winding road