The Cost of Living

Triumph from tragedy

Confidence from casualty

Insight from innocence

Chaos from coincidence

Sound from Silence

Slowly stretching the seams     bound in quiet


A child’s first footprint    upon the grave of a wise elder

A free spirit   ignoring every lie that time tells her

A blind beggar  asking God for a divine favor

Manifesting a make-believe model for a divine savior


Nine layers of oil   cake the asphalt beneath metal monsters

Hustlers huddled on hot corners   chanting the devils mantra


Infants crying, lushes laughing

Grandpas rocking on old wooden slats

On a dusty porch   where nothing happens


Fallen soldiers, filling coffins   buried in bloody flags, made of a billion dollars

Wishing they could wash the blood from the hands of our founding fathers


Naked native children   dancing to the symphony of running water


Women cumming, warriors running

Seeds sprouting in the soil’s oven


Crows crying, leaves changing

Giant rats, rotting a concrete vat  they keep racing…


Momma said  on her dying bed

“Tomorrow is not coming”


Love means everything   and oddly costs nothing