Water to Wine

Navigate these sprawling freeways and golden arches

Fight till we all see straight, who hold the harness

My one sacrament be faith, my oldest daughter

Politicking, dipping my pen in holy water

Power of the atom that split to bang the ion

Passion of the animal rip, the fang of lion

Light a spliff to manage my wit, make a Zion

Meditate, read between the lines we all sign on

Life flows swift through the imagery of seasons

Got a tight, cold fist raised to liberty and freedom

No piece of the pie, fuck it I’m a’ eat crumbs

Rats run in circles, but they never seem to keep up

Peep us, the people underneath the asphalt

Trying to cop a couple pennies, falling from the cash vault

 Last call, for all who covered in the curse

Of the angry blood that boil up, and bubble till it burst

Fallacy and wickedness, in the schools where they teach us

No word how the church turned Judas into Jesus

Ignorance and irony lobotomize the mind

Ain’t no man that ever turned the fuckin’ water into wine

 If the Father is divine, than he wouldn’t be feared

And we wouldn’t war again when the bodies are cleared

Got a feeling that the earth’s end is probably near

So make fire with your words

And water with your tears


-BlesInfinite 09